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Batch feed garbage disposer.

  • Multi-Grind Plus technology features four grinding components that work together to handle anything from corn husks to celery.
  • The Jam Sensor circuit automatically senses, then breaks through the toughest jams before you even notice a problem.
  • Sound Seal Plus technology combines four advanced sound reducing components to make the disposer 60% quieter than a standard disposer.
  • Batch feed system operates when the cover is inserted into the mouth of the disposer by turning the stopper to the left or right.
  • Corrosion resistant grind and drain chambers ensure lasting quality.
  • Stainless steel shredder ring and grinding wheel add strength and provide longer disposer life.


Continuous feed garbage disposer.

  • The grind wheel continuously drives food waste into the cutting teeth of the shredder ring for fast efficient grinding.
  • Corrosion resistant grind and drain chambers ensure lasting quality.
  • Galvanized steel grinding wheel and shredder ring ensure lasting quality.
  • Whisper Quiet Polystyrene sound barrier ensures quiet disposal .
  • You can coordinate the sink flange and stopper to your sink with color options including white, almond, brass and stainless steel.